Religious Witness for the Earth

Religious Witness for the Earth invites you to join the

March 16-24, 2007 - Northampton to Boston

CLIMATE RESCUE DAY, March 24, Boston

A moral call for swift, bold, and comprehensive
political action to address global warming

RWE Mission Statement:

Religious Witness for the Earth (RWE) is a national interfaith network dedicated to public witness in defense of Creation. Seeing climate change and environmental devastation as issues of justice, RWE invokes the loving spirit, selfless courage, and moral authority of the civil rights movement. Through prayer, education, and nonviolent action, we join hands to protect the Earth, our beloved home.

11/12/21 - RWE in New York City, the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Kyoto Protocol

Religious Witness for the Earth is:

  • Interfaith - We welcome people of all religions and spiritual paths without discrimination.
  • Multicultural - Understanding that diverse ecosystems are the most resilient, we embrace the full diversity of people into the call to heal the earth.
  • Independent - We work closely with many religious organizations but are beholden to none.
  • Grassroots - We are a membership-based network of both clergy and laity.
  • Activist - Our primary strategy is public witness, from outdoor worship to nonviolent civil disobedience.
  • Nonviolent - Believing that any form of violence is spiritually harmful and strategically counterproductive, we aspire to love in all our endeavors.

Since its founding in February 2001, RWE has:

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