Religious Witness for the Earth

Religious Witness for the Earth
Chapter Guidelines

Religious Witness for the Earth encourages the formation of local, state, and regional chapters.

RWE Chapters covenant to adhere to these Guidelines:

  1. An RWE chapter supports the mission of RWE:

    Religious Witness for the Earth is a national interfaith network dedicated to public witness in defense of Creation. Seeing climate change and environmental devastation as issues of justice, RWE invokes the loving spirit, selfless courage, and moral authority of the civil rights movement. Through prayer, education, and nonviolent action, we join hands to protect the Earth, our beloved home.

  2. RWE is loving and nonviolent in word and deed. Honoring the divine spark in each person, including those who disagree with us, we abstain from ridicule, sarcasm, personal attack, and abusive or demeaning language. As an interfaith network, RWE welcomes all who join us in this loving and nonviolent spirit, without discrimination on religious grounds.

  3. Any act of civil disobedience (or any action during which participants may risk arrest) planned by a local chapter should be submitted to the RWE national co-chairs for review and consultation no less than four weeks in advance, and prior to any publicity. To be sponsored by the chapter, the civil disobedience must be approved in advance by the national leadership.

  4. RWE chapters are responsible for establishing their own membership and raising and spending their own money. To facilitate chapter growth, RWE national will provide chapters with the names and contact information of any RWE members or other known potential supporters residing in the chapter area.

  5. Each new member of an RWE chapter will be provided an RWE national brochure and will be encouraged to become a national RWE member.

  6. Every three months (by January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1), RWE chapters are asked to submit a brief report to the national leadership on their activities, along with names, email (if any) and USPS addresses, and telephone numbers of current chapter members. Every six months (by January 1 and July 1), chapters are further asked to report on their income and expenses by category.

Failure to respect these guidelines may result in chapter decertification at the discretion of the RWE national leadership.

To be recognized as an RWE chapter, please submit the names of five volunteers committed to the work of the chapter, their email (if any) and US Postal Service addresses, and phone numbers, and the names of one or two of these who will serve as coordinator(s) and who may use titles such as president, co-chair, etc. of the chapter at its discretion.

Download the chapter guidelines (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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